Questionable action of FERMIlab Employee Boris Baldin that closed

the website www.LeonardoDaVinciPrize.org


From: Frank Guy 
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 2:38 AM
Roy Rubenstein 
Gary M Leonard ; Vanna Sereno ; Gregory Bock ; Piermaria Oddone ; sean.lev@hq.doe.gov 
Questionable Action of FNAL Employee Boris Baldin

To: Dr. Roy Rubinstein, FNAL Assistant Director of Research

Subject: Questionable Action of FNAL Employee Boris Baldin

Dear Dr. Rubinstein,

You may recall a couple of email exchanges that we had earlier this year regarding some scientific issues of the rules of the Leonardo da Vinci competition. Thank you for forwarding Dr. Ramberg’s comments. However, now one of FNAL’s employees (Boris Baldin) has reported abuse to Go Daddy (the Internet domain registrar and web hosting company) of the website www.leonardodavinciprize.org claiming the message he received is undesired marketing and advertising from this site. As a result the site was closed. I have reviewed the message Baldin received (copy attached) and cannot for the life of me see anything objectionable about it. It contained a link to the web site and instructions on how to use EVO to view the meetings.

As I recall, the home page of the Leonardo da Vinci Prize web site contained links to various sponsoring organizations (universities, hospitals, organizations of physicians, public administrations and the like), rules of the contest, information on how to submit projects and on projects that had been submitted, etc. As far as I could see, there was no marketing or advertising (unless you call dissemination of information about the contest and the submitted projects “advertising”).

I personally receive many solicitations or invitations to participate at scientific conferences, attend meetings, submit abstracts, participate in web casts, etc. I have not given my email address to all these conference or meeting organizers but because my name and email address is in the database of the scientific community, I receive these solicitations. I cannot imagine reporting, as abuse, the website of a conference or meeting because I do not like the subject of that conference. I have been a research physicist for forty years, at four national labs and consulting with commercial firms, and I have seen some really underhanded tricks. The information I have indicates Baldin’s complaint to be unjustified and particularly dangerous because it has silenced a legitimate scientific dialogue. This attempt at censorship is unacceptable. Such unethical, unprofessional behavior should be unequivocally and rapidly denounced and rectified.

Vanna Sereno, the owner of the Leonardo da Vinci Prize website, reported that she called Go Daddy from Italy (with an interpreter speaking English) on June 16th and again on June 19th trying to resolve this issue; their agent (Felicia) told her that it was Baldin who had reported the abuse of the site for marketing and advertising. Go Daddy also told Vanna that if FERMIlab would retract their abuse statement, saying it was a mistake, they will reactivate the website with no fee. Vanna (ws@isiline.it) can send you the written sponsorship with protocol numbers from the universities and public administrations.

Please send FNAL’s clarification to Vanna so that she can forward it to Go Daddy and get the website reactivated; also, if you care to, please send me any information you have justifying Boris Baldin’s action.


Frank W. Guy, PhD

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